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with Soul Centered Therapy to help Illuminate Your Light Within
My Mission: To help all those who wish to explore, to understand, to embrace and to fully utilize the power and wonder of their Spiritual Self within the human framework of life.

Week Five and Six:
How to feel energy blocks in a body, how to release them thru a massage process and infuse higher frequencies within the body.  Also, how to read the reason the blocks are there to begin with.  I will also go over how to use crystals and essential oils as part of the biological healing/facilitation process. 

* It would be great to have a flesh and bones volunteer... if you have a doll that would be good too.  Just to give you body alignment and awareness... you can ask one of your friends for the first class only... if your doll can be their body double (smile) so the friends energy would be connected to the doll by intent and agreement.  I have realized with the incredible souls that are in my current class, the surrogate works just as well thru the entire class!! 

We will continue to use the doll itself in the hands on body / energy work classes too, for those, I just may borrow someone's consciousness to infuse your doll with, so I can give feedback to you as you practice all the energy work on the doll.

But if you can practice on actual people between classes... that will be great!!

I will supply you with course materials prior to the start of the first class.  I will also have a video recording of the each class available for you keep and review long after classes are finished.  

Keep in mind the universal language of Light is thru symbolisms and metaphors, you will equally be building your vocabulary of Light thru this 6 week experience.  We will go over this in details during each class. 

I will take the group as far as you are willing to go together. 

The two main things you will learn is doing a soul reading on many levels: email readings, phone readings and in person readings.  Also, the body work session I call "Hands of Light" you will learn from start to finish over the course of 6 weeks.  This is an exceptional experience for practicing massage therapists. However, you will learn to undo what school has taught you (working the venous flow, I teach the energy flow of the body, very different direction!!)

As an added bonus, for those of you interested, I will add one more day of a "bonus class" if you are interested in it. This will be held on Saturday July 27th same time as your regular class times.  If you are interested in this stunning addition to body work and energy increase, please invest in two tuning forks available here:

As well as:

If you only want to invest in one tuning fork, the otto tuning fork would be the best investment and I will show you how to work with the sound waves that are emitted into the body.

If life creates a situation where you have to miss a class, I will have two make up days set aside.  Both on Sundays: April 27th and May 26th. 1pm-3pm MDT  We will cover all material that was missed by ALL in attendance in these two classes. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!!


WONDER FULL". Just because I cannot find more fitting words to describe the experience. I had no clue at all if anything could come out of it for me, I simply followed my instinct and my complete faith in Lisa. I have followed many different courses and some of them I really enjoyed but this one… I would not only recommend it I would like to make it compulsory for every human being on the planet!! Not only because Lisa is a wonder full teacher but also because it shows how easily we can step into the Field of Life when we stop thinking "IF" we can. We do. We can! And sharing this experience with my classmates was as wonder full as the rest of it, as we could all Live how different and still complete all of us are! It enhanced the Bigger picture of the Puzzle of Creation we're In. Highly recommended!!!
Andrea in  Switzerland

Entering Lisa's soul stream has been an amazing experience. I joined the class hoping to tune my antennae to connect to the higher frequencies with expanded awareness - this experience has done just that and much more.  Lisa intuitively creates a warm and nurturing space of connection and understanding. What a blessing to watch myself and my classmates gain confidence to blossom and bloom. Lisa is the real deal ~ authentic, funny, insightful and wise….a soul cheerleader, par excellance!
Esther in the USA
Reading the Field of Life and Light.
A 6 Week Intensive course that will
change the way you see and connect to the world!
~ This will be the last interactive class I offer for a while. ~

This class is limited to 15 participants and will be held via WebEx.  Having video and audio ability for this course is required. Right before the start of class, I will send out an email invitation to our WebEx Meetings.  SPECIAL NOTICE: I have opened up an additional 3 seats for this class!! 2 seats left!!

We will meet twice a week for 6 weeks via WebEx.  Each class will be 2 hours long.  Having a partner you can work on during your class times will greatly increase your experience.  Find a *volunteer, even if it is not the same volunteer each class. 

Two classes to choose from:  Morning or evening.  Both classes will start and finish on the same datelines.

Summer Class:  Saturdays 10am until 12pm and Wednesdays from 10 am until 12pm Starting June 29nd thru July 31st.  NOTE:  Times are EDT

The investment for this course is $199.
You can choose a $25 weekly payment option (for 8 weeks total)

The only requirement is having a foothold in meditation and practicing every single day between classes!!  If you do not have the ability to reach that still place within... you need to get to there before you invest in this course!

In this course, I am going to teach you all the techniques spirit taught to me.  Please do not bring any bias or former teachings with you. 

Week One:
Learning to read from the soul energy of a person.  I will show you how to circulate the higher frequencies of communication of a person thru them and into you and start to train yourself how to hear/see/understand the subtle energy as it is presented to you.

Week Two:
Each person will get assigned a name (first name only) and an email address to read for a complete stranger.  Thru this process, you will also spend the week helping the person you are assigned to, how to understand and move thru the information that came thru your meditation state of connection with them.

Week Three:
Understanding how energy moves thru the physical body and how it gets stored within the physical body.  You have a built in Light facilitator in your hands and fingers and will learn how to use this part of yourself with purpose.   You will also learn how to work with the crown energy and learn to read the brain waves of the person you are working with.  The 2nd class in this week will focus on feeling and expanding the core energy of a person.

Week Four:
Working the whole body from the bottom of the feet.  A tremendous amount of information is held in the bottom of each foot.  You will learn how to read these energies as well as learn how to do energy healing/facilitating from the bottom of the feet and target the energy centers of the whole body.