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Our Mission: To help all those who wish to explore, to understand, to embrace and to fully utilize the power and wonder of their Spiritual Self within the human framework of life.
When it All Falls Apart Again is the true story of Lisa Gawlas spiritual awakening. The story begins with her account of how her life is literally falling apart again, loosing her home, her job, and her will to live. In a deep depression, she decides to fix things once and for all by converting her car into a gas chamber, but a startling vision of her son doing drugs saves her from that fate.

No stranger to the downs that life can bring, Lisa was born into a dysfunctional and cruelly abusive family. As a parent of three, she tried to treat her kids with as much love as she could muster. But she had never learned to love herself.

She knows she needs to change, but doesn’t know how until she discovers a beautiful key to transforming the pain and turmoil that defines her life. For Lisa, that key is meditation.

It all began on a whim, when she constructed a homemade Ouija board to ask a few questions of the spirit realm.  Some “strange coincidences” around the house, and a book given to her by a friend about the paranormal, has her curious enough to try too speak with spirits. When her home made Ouija planchette, an upside down empty pudding cup, leaps into action spelling answers from beyond, Lisa’s world changes forever.

The dialog that came from that first tippy toe into the world of spirit gives her the motivation to continue to seek…and seek she does! First stop for Lisa, learning more about meditation. She tries every way possible to make her connection to spirit…and finds it’s only in the bathtub that she is able to meditate. With a great deal of patience and perseverance she connects to a peaceful inner plane, where she meets her spirit guides, including the spirit of Jill Cadee, the woman who had visited her homemade Ouija board. She forms a deep bond with her guides, who give her something she had never experienced in her life; unconditional love.

Through her bathtub meditations, a new world begins opening up for Lisa. A world in stark contrast to her day to day existence, which is still ruled by depression and dysfunction. While exploring and learning about spirit in meditation, Lisa is not removed from life’s problems at all. In fact, it seems that every time she reaches a new spiritual understanding, another challenge comes along.

The next two years of Lisa’s life are a whirlwind of shuffling between rented rooms, the homeless shelter, and even an off season hotel. The characters she meets along the way range from shady to Saintly, with a few who might have been certifiably insane. The cycle of life falling apart has become more like a crazy speed dating round. But at each of these stations on her path, Lisa maintains her calm, the gift of meditation serving her well.

Lisa has finally shed the feeling that she is simply a victim. The weight she has been carrying around all her life has lifted. In her meditations, she’s met many new guides, including Sananda, who gives her lessons in a type of healing called energy healing. Lisa is in love for the first time in her life, with life itself. As she heals, the deepest darkest traumas from her past come to the surface. The molestation, abuse, and neglect, laid out for the world to see. Through her emotional processing, the old angry Lisa is dying, and she finds peace, forgiveness, and a connection with Spirit she could never have imagined.

At the end of this true life story, Lisa celebrates her triumph, bringing the darkest of places within her into a new world of light. She has overcome personal tragedy, learning to master her depression and anger with grace and humility.

Lisa’s journey of meditation and learning to trust in Spirit is not only inspirational, it is transformational. Candid and raw at times, and written in a personal unique style, it’s a mesmerizing story, openly and lovingly shared, and not to be missed!

Book Reviews are starting to come in!!  Here is what the readers are sharing:

Review by: Jackie on March 11, 2012 :         
Amazing book, i have never read such a deep, open hearted spill it all out book ever!

This is for all people who think they can never recover from the deepths of despair and deep wounding, for it goes beyond all i would of imagined a person would put out there to share with the world, and nowhere has she held back from reaching the depths of what one would rather not let others know, and i feel no self pity in one bit of this, just the open sharing of one who had indeed healed herself and is now sharing her gifts with others so they too may find themselves and heal.

If your thinking your lifes rough, you wont make it and this is it, well read this and see how one Lady has overcome the barrage of just about everything one would rather not imagine, then this book is for you.

Thank you Lisa, for the hope you have shared and for continuing to encourage others with your boundless inspiration for life and love. J
About the Author:
In 1962, Lisa (Parkhurst) Gawlas was born into a dysfunctional family fraught with neglect and abuse.  Her life path led her through the ups and downs of this dysfunction, including abusive foster care.   Little did Lisa know that those tumultuous early years were necessary lessons guiding her toward spiritual awakening.

As she navigated through her own dysfunctions, Lisa put in a stint with the navy, had children and a marriage, and enjoyed excellent employment and income.  In 2000, her world had seemingly crumbled, when she was guided, yet again, to Spirit.  Since that joyous occasion, Lisa has deepened her Spiritual awareness, earned her hypnotherapy and massage therapy certifications, and has taught thousands of people around the world how to develop their own spirituality.  As a spiritual/medical intuitive, Lisa has spent the past ten years helping others to illuminate their own divine paths through spiritual energy work.
Published 2nd Edition Revised 2010 eBook $2.99

"Understanding and Connecting with Your Spiritual Self"  By Lisa Gawlas

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When it All Falls Apart ...Again
Come Clean With Your Life!

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Next work in progress:
The Lost Codes of Shambhala.   
Shambhala is not a place on earth, but an energy you can bring to earth using two sets of activated DNA (a male and a female). 
Written by Lisa Gawlas
Author: Lisa Gawlas
Illustrator: Nichole Lewis
Editor: Nichole Lewis
Price: $7.99