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and Soul Centered Therapy to help Illuminate Your Light Within
Our Mission: To help all those who wish to explore, to understand, to embrace and to fully utilize the power and wonder of their Spiritual Self within the human framework of life.

I have been asked many times over the years where I received my training.  I get some very dumbfounded looks when I say "meditation".  For those truly interested in my training, I want to share my "training" journey and how I got to here. 

First let me list the "traditional" schools I have attended:
  • Graduated 1980: Coughlin High School, Wilkes-Barre, PA
  • June 2001: Eastern School of Hypnotherapy, VA with certification as a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and trained under Alan Chips. 
  • September 2001: Eastern School of Hypnotherapy, VA with certification in Life Between Life Spiritual Regression training under Michael Newton PhD (author of the books, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls). 
  • August 2005 - 2006: Kee Business School, VA - Massage Therapy Curriculum.

I have said "traditional" schools for a reason, everything else I know how to do, that I understand about energy, the body and the soul blueprint, I have learned thru thousands of hours of meditation over the years.  Each of the things I shall list was an intensive study and progression.  I did not get to go to the next phase of learning until I reached a higher awareness and skill with the phase I was currently in.  You talk about a course in trusting voices you cannot see and applying knowledge that goes against a lot of current thoughts even in the "New Age" realm of thinking.  Not once was I allowed a physical teacher, or to attend a seminar or even read a book (except books that would validate what I just learned thru meditation with my teachers.)  Here is my courses of study:

  • Early 2001:  Understanding and APPLYING "Unconditional Love and Non-Judgement."  Phew, you want to talk about a hard course!  My spiritual teacher for this phase of my learning was an amazing energy from the Plieades named Franklyn.  Not only did I have to comprehend the depths of what either of these two subjects mean, I had to start applying them in my life - not once in a while, but in every conscious moment!  Thank God I was able to audibly hear Franklyn's direction when I was in judgement (which will always taint any sort of love.)  The hardest part, appling it to myself!!

  • Spring of 2001:  Learning to Channel. (Channeling is the purported process of receiving dialogs of information through psychic, telepathic, empathic, or intuitive channels. Channeling also refers to divining information from one's higher mind.)   When I stated I wanted to learn this skill, the teachers started to line up at my etheric doorstep.  Each energy a higher vibration (or at least it felt that way) than the next.  With so many years now under my belt, I cannot remember the order in which my teachers came and allowed me to channel information, but here is the list of who was present for my learning.  Franklyn from the Plieades, Alphranzu from the Plieades, Ahnorah from the Plieades, "The Comforter" (who I later learned was actually Jesus - he snuck his way in lol) and an amazing presence who called himself "Dream Weaver" (who I am now being told was the closest aspect of direct communication from God that my physical body (then) could handle.  (who knew!)

  • Late Spring 2001 - 2004: Energy Healing via meditation.  As I got proficient with channeling and being able to share messages in "the moment" the next phase of my learning was going to be a very long course.  My two teachers were Sananda (Jesus, which he NEVER referred to himself as, Sananda is his name in spirit, Jesus was simply 1 incarnation on earth he had) and Franklyn my beloved from the Pleiades.  For many months, I would simply be an observer via meditation, watching Sananda and Franklyn do energy work on people who came to me for help.  I must mention here, the moment I decided to learn this skill, people from all over the world just started asking me if I could help them (contacting me thru the Internet and spiritual forum I belonged to in those days).  As I became intimately familiar with the energetic body as it relates to the physical body I was asked to assist in the energy healing work with both of my teachers.  I learned that there is so much more than just 1 kind of energy to work with.  The higher our physical vibration goes, the purer the energy we can work with.  To give you an idea of what that means, Reiki is a base energy, every one on earth can use it (and you DO NOT have to be attuned to it, it is a natural ability within all).  Reiki vibrates at the collective consciousness level of existence (as the collective is getting clearer and more spiritually aligned, Reiki is getting stronger) and the "degrees" of energy go all the way up to the pure energy work that Jesus was able to turn matter from one form to another - the Christ Consciousness Layer.. 

  • Fall 2002 - 2003:  Conscious Energy Connections (both physically and remotely).  This aspect of my learning required me to take myself out of life.  I lived on a mountainside in Vermont in a very humble "camp" for 8 months.  I learned to read the energy of the plants, animals, insects, the sun, the moon and so on.  I was instructed to build a medicine wheel and use the energies of the elements and directional Beings to enhance my learning and communication with all of life.  I spent the first 3 months in total seclusion, leaving the mountain only to get supplies (my 11 year old daughter was with me).  Once I integrated as much as I could from this very very intense learning, I started to make friends in my community of Tunbridge Vermont.  I learned how to do "readings" with people.  Eventually I moved off the mountain and got an apartment and a job as a care taker in an assisted living home and my learning when full tilt.  I learned soooo much from interacting with the residents, some physically unable to communicate, yet they joined me in meditations and even in their presence I knew their feelings and desires.

  • Spring 2003 - 2007:  Spiritual Energy Readings and teaching people how to heal and connect to spirit.  Never in my life did I ever consider myself "psychic" but yet, as I accidentally (smile) was led to Ebay and decided to test my connection skills and put out an auction for what I call an email reading (aka Spiritual Energy Reading) my life and its path was irrevocably changed.  It's one thing to do all this and have it affect your own personal growth and understanding, but the moment I started to see in clear and absolute ways that thru what I learned and developed, I could (help to) change peoples consciousness and understanding, I would be doing this type of work for the rest of my life.  The first couple of "readings" I did (if you want to read details of the readings, please click here - I do not do them any longer, I just don't have the time as my life evolves) blew my mind.  I couldn't believe you could simply go into meditation and get soooo much information about someone you only knew their first name of and be incredibly accurate (as my clients said I was over and over again).  The information I brought back was more than your typical reading, it involved life changes that was needed to take place to insure health and well being.  My clients started to ask me how to make the changes, and I would go into meditation and ask their guides and higher self what they needed to know... this gave birth to the Spiritual Development Course.  Even tho that course was set up to help others, I learned more from it than I could have ever ever imagined was possible.  All of this was done via the Internet.

  • Summer 2004:  Bringing all that I learned into the Physical Realm of Experience.  My path led me to Idaho where I went into business with a client I had been "reading" for a year.  The name of the business was Souly Beautiful.  She was a massage therapist and the only thing I could say I was for sure was a hypnotherapist.  I had done so little in the physical world (everything I did to this point was primarily thru the Internet).  I had no clue what else I was supposed to do in this place of business.  I tried on the "reader", sitting in front of someone bringing them information... I really didn't like it at all.  Very few people were interested in healing their life and just wanted to know how to get something they aren't in alignment with yet.  (I must say, maybe because there is no face to face contact, but the majority of people I read for via email readings, wanted to know how to heal!)  A lady came to me for a reading who was only 41 years old and carried an oxygen tank with her.  Thru her reading I knew without a shadow of a doubt she could be healed and healthy (at that time she was on a lung transplant waiting list).  I asked her if I could do some energy healing with her for free (since I have never done this in person before, I really had no clue even how to do hands on energy healing.)  If you want to read about this experience and some of the other amazing healing meditations that I had just click here, it was done over 6 weeks and changed my life and my spiritual view forever.  What I discovered in working with her was an ugly ugly entity in her lungs (she had Fibrosis in one lung and a fungus infection in the other from the medication she was on).  After several sessions, I was able to remove this entity (actually it was the many unseen masters who was working with me and thru me in each session who did all the work and instructing) and for the first time in I think 6 years she was able to actually sleep laying down without fluid building up in her lungs.  I knew in that moment where I wanted to direct my life - Healing! 

  • Winter 2004 - 2005:  Understanding that people, even the most spiritual learned people, fear what they don't understand.  The next leg of my incredible journey took me to Iowa to a community of Spiritual People.  It was an amazing journey, one I am grateful to have experienced, but the only thing (which is pretty big really) I learned. was that my style of learning (all from within without the first physical teacher) scares the hell out of even the highest priest (his self given title).  He actually questioned if I learned this from the devil... I knew I wasn't in the highest vibrating place on planet earth... even tho these folks were so incredibly loving they followed one mans direction blindly and with complete faith.  They never gave any more credit to who they were as a spiritual being than the founder could see in them.  Time for me to go!!  I knew what I never wanted to create in anyone... that was followers (of any kind) that would hang on to my every word and guidance as if it meant more than their own.  Not!

  • Summer 2005 - 2006:  I came to visit my son here in Newport News VA for what I thought would be a month or two (just to be able to breath life again after being secluded in the spiritual community).  I landed here August 9th 2005 and altho I thought I was looking for a job, I went to "look" at Kee Business school's massage therapy program and had all my financial aide in order and I started class that very same night, that was August 15th, 2005.  I had a blast!  I really had a brand new connection with the body and when we had our reflexology training, once again, my life and path changed.  The first time I connected to the feet I could access soooooo much information stored in the body.  At the time, I really didn't know what I was connecting to or how I was able to be able to pick up peoples emotional issues, illnesses (past, present and future), all I can say is the last 5 years of my life came alive and blended into excitement in the realization that everything I learned over the last several years was all preparing me for what I do now.

  • Early 2007- 2008:  I moved out of my sons apartment into my own and was then able to start offering Massage Therapy from my home.   It was here, being away from the noisiness that was school, did my abilities and perception really come alive.  My massage started to take on a life of its own and develop itself into what I now call my Hands of Light Therapy

  • Fall 2008 to 2010:  My best friend and myself opened The Wonder of You Life Enhancement Center in Newport New, VA where I get to offer everything I know how to do, teach all the wisdom one cares to absorb every day of my life.  It is here in doing this work I really started to understand me, my soul energy (which is a group energy and you will notice I tend to say "we" often, it is because I am never separated from the soul essence that I Am.)   And yet.... I also know I am on the verge of learning something new, something even more complete than what I do now!  Life is amazing when you are willing to do all the work it takes to get you to here!

  • 2010 to Present:  Moved to Albuquerque and continued to do massage until 2012 when I moved to the Jemez Mountains and now do readings that keep expanding what I know, see, and how we can apply it all to our lives.  I stopped adding to this website (too much time involved) and share all teh details via my blog "The Shift of Time and Energy."  We are changing so rapidly it has become a daily deluge of amazement!!!

Your greatest teachers are within - don't get so caught up in someone else's way of doing things - you are so much more than that!!  And we love you sooooo very much!
C ya soon!!