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019 Redwood Grove Rd,  Jemez Pueblo   New Mexico  
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Friday July 19th we will spend getting to know each other, the feel of the collective energy, maybe even take a splash in the Jemez River and hike up the Mesa.

We will start Friday off with a Welcome Dinner at 6pm.  I will make two versions of lasagna... meet and veggie.  I will also cook homemade bread and create a salad.  The only thing I really stalk for drinking is bottled water... just saying.

Saturday the 20th will be a day of celebration all day long, starting at noon and finishing... whenever.  Including making music.  A dear friend is bringing drums and rattles and we will eat, drink and sing songs of New Life, New Energy and Pure Love to the Guardians and all of earth, together.  Depending on the "fire climate," we may or may not have a fire ceremony.

A dear friend is going to be bringing a gas grill.  I will supply burgers, hot diggity dogs and chicken.  Prolly some macaroni salad and regular salad too.  I do not have a vegetarian bone in my body... the lasagna is as creative there as I get.

Sunday the 21st... We can decide, together!

019 Redwood Grove Rd, Jemez Pueblo

Directions:  Directly accross from the convienient store: TRAILS END
Coming from Jemez Springs I am just past mile marker 11, before you go round the bend.  Coming thru the Pueblo itself, I am just before milemarker 11 (if you pass that marker, you passed me.)

You will see a road sign that seems to be out of place that reads: Redwood Grove Rd.  Yup thats my road.  Take a right onto the dirt, (left if you are coming from the Pueblo area) then another right at the first mailbox (with 019 on it) the dirt road ends at my house.

There are some cut outs coming down the road on the left, use them for parking, if you can, squeeze to one side so two cars can share the cut out.  Parking is really limited!  You may want to park at the top of the dirt road and walk in.

Below is a pictorial to guide to my house from HWY 4 and also, where you can park.

Mineral Enhanced Jemez River Bring a Bathing suit!Mesa Cliff in BloomPlenty of elementals hanging about!A place to celebrate and singThe niight sky here is breathtaking!

Coming Alive on Sacred Ground!

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Please sign the guest book and  let everyone know you are attending!  I am just so excited!!
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Friday July 19th thru Sunday July 21st, 2013