I Am a psychic medium, clairvoyant, channeler and Vibrational Facilitator. 
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Phone/Skype Reading: 15 Minute Phone Reading - $33.00  We can do some amazing work in 15 minutes!!  I will read your field of Light, give you any and all messages from your field of Light and the Guardians who watch over it/us all.

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Phone/Skype Reading: 30 Minute Phone Reading - $59.00  
We will look at your soul energy as it relates to the new field of Life.  What does your Life need from you to fully LIVE your dreams?  You can ask questions at the end of the reading.  Your spirit always gets to speak first.  I am going to put a section of how to formulate questions for a reading below.  It does matter how and what we ask in order to get the clarity of answers we seek.

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Phone/Skype Reading: 45 Minute Phone Reading - $83.00     Reading the "Field" and your "Core" energy / Chakra System
We will look at your soul energy as it relates to the new field of Life -  PLUS your entire body system (core energy and chakras) What does your Life need from you to fully LIVE your dreams?  You can ask questions at the end of the reading.  Your spirit always gets to speak first.  I am going to put a section of how to formulate questions for a reading below.  It does matter how and what we ask in order to get the clarity of answers we seek. 

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Phone/Skype Reading: 60 Minute Phone Reading - $99.00    Reading the "Field" and your "Core" energy System
A full reading of the field of Light that brought you to here, Understanding where you are at in the magnetic grid of creation and what is now available for your use.  Keep in mind, I am now able to see what your abilities (depending of course where you are within your path).  I am not able to see clearly how you will bring them to the surface for use... but we have been getting guidance on where to start.  Also, bring your questions.  Often times the magnitude of information coming thru has you forgetting what you wanted to ask.  Write them down and thru the reading I will ask you what your questions are, as well as the new ones formed thru this reading.  We will also being doing an energy frequency alignment to your next level thru this session. 

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How to formulate your questions:  If you ask "what is my purpose" I promise you we will not get an answer.  However, we have been arriving at that answer by really mining your own experiences.  So asking the question Why did this work or not work, I have tried to do (fill in the blank) but can't seem to make it happen seems to be the magic that gets you to the answers you seek.  Spirit really wants you to be aware of all that brought you to here and how you will use it, or change it as we move forward.  They will never just give you answers... but are here to help you see them yourself.  This too, is helping me to be a better reader for you... we are finding the proverbial loopholes to get some meat and potatoes on the plate of life!! 

About the Readings and Packages:
On January 6th, 2012 I moved to an amazing Landscape I now call Home in Jemez Pueblo, NM.  The above photo with the molten looking dome is not a photoshop enhanced picture in any way.  It is what my camera picked up when I shot the morning light as it was bouncing off the top of the Guadeloupe Mesa, which happens to be my back yard.  The day I arrived to this beautiful remote place I knew there was an intense energy vibration I had never felt before.  I have lived and visited in may power spots, energy vortex area's and the lot over the last 11 years, and this place... very different.  Once I had seen the picture on my camera I knew exactly what I was feeling... the Energy I refer to as Shambhala.  I had seen what looked like the sun rising up out of the earth in many readings in the last quarter of 2011 that I knew (because the energy told me what it was) what I was seeing was the energy of Heaven on Earth... Shambhala.

This landscape is very much alive and interactively conscious in the readings I now do.  I am no longer simply reading you and your energy field, I am reading The high frequency field that literally is currently only available from that Mesa and stretches out to the cabin I am staying in.  It is very new to this earth in activation.  It is still growing and becoming thru each one of us.  I am watching this field grow and expand day by day thru ever reading I do.  The very first reading I had done the Field, or grid of energy did not reach the cabin at all, it was about half way here.  I understand the more we use this energy and start to vibrate with it's frequency the stronger and more accessible it will be thru out earth.  I am keeping a blog about the experiences and even the readings in two places.  Please take the time to read and understand more of what I am talking about at:

Living the Energy of Shambhala  as well as  The Shift of Time and Energy

My Reading Format:

Your energy always gets to "talk" first.  I don't need birthdays, heck I don't even need to know your name (but it is nice to have so I know who to ask for...smile).  The first thing I "read" is your energy body.  The energy field that is surrounding your physical body.  I split the body in two so I can be clear in which aspect of your life your spiritual team (soul, spirit guides, angels, whatever word you have for the higher energy fields that love and guide us thru life) is referring to

The right side of your body always represents your Spiritual Emotional field of Life. 
The left side of your body always represents your Physical/Mundane Life.

TIME has changed!!  Time has become circular in my readings.  No longer laid out as a line backwards or forwards.  To help us understand where we are at, the field of life has created seasons within our lives.

North - Witer, hypernation, regeneration.
East - Spring, new growth, new beginnings (Our reading is located in the East of the Feild)
South - Summer, full bloom
West - Fall, harvest, reaping from life's garden (that you planted)

The image above shows the field in which I read from.  The New Energy.  If your Light shows up outside of the field, outside of the circle of energy shown as the 6th dimension... we must look at where you are at.  5th dimension?  4th???

Where imagery shows up in relationship to your body is equally important.  I will always give you the full details in the reading, but here is a general layout of the way I "read" the body area's:

Anything showing up at your feet is in relationship to your now or current moment in time. 
Anything showing up in front of your feet is your near to distant future.  I can get a feel of time in relationship to the distance of the imagery.
Anything showing up near your calf is in relationship to the foundation in which you live your life.

This spiritual vision is 360 degrees, so anything showing up behind you is in relationship to your past.  Again the depth of the past depends on how far away it is from your body within my vision.

Once I get all the information spirit wants to share with you in your external energy field, I then move into your core energy field within your body.  I feel  around within your brain to see if there is anything on your mind that is not of your highest good.  Often times our ego clouds our true inner feelings with negatively and stress.  I do my best to help release any pockets of adverse energy as I move thru your body.  Sometimes tho, only you can remove it.

So many new details are showing up inside of the entire head area that it is hard for me to say what may or may not come thru.  if you have not already read my new blog "Insights from My Massage Table" this would be a great place to get a fuller feel of your reading.  I do the same sort of reading on the phone as I do on my massage table.  The only thing you are not getting is the massage itself.

Taken from Insights from My Massage Table:
Did you ever have an "OMG, I should have known that" moment?  I had a huge one yesterday (10/08/11)!  It was so huge I have to wonder (and chuckle) to myself how I never "got that" before.  When I do a reading, I am bearing witness to, and absorbing your activation.  Your quantum energy as it is presented to me.  Your highest field of energy is quite literally unfolding on my floor 4 feet in-front of me.  It then it triggering a series of activation within me (no wonder why my brains just melt during a reading and just lay in the deep end of the pool for the rest of the day...smile)  In these condensed sharing's, you too are absorbing the quantum energy that I am relaying/releasing back out to the All to absorb, assimilate and process.  Those who are not ready for these activation will have a hard time reading what I right.  It is their highest energy (soul) pulling them away from what they need time to work up towards.  It kind of reminds of me "The Pleiadians Agenda" by Barbara Hand Clow, I owned it for 2 years before I could actually sit down and read beyond a few paragraphs and actually understood it.  Of course I bought that book like 4 months into my awakening...

Every day that goes by, the connections are melting my brains faster and faster during each reading.  Now I fully get why.  We are being activated, the gel-like earth energy is melting the protective coating off of our new code sets and releasing the higher fields of vibration not only in your body, but thru our created universe!  I have heard so many people say they want to be doing what they are here for... well let me tell you... these sharing's are bigger than we realized.  The depth of gratitude I have within me after each connection is now 10 times it's size!!

Evening sharing the above, helps me understand more fully what I have been seeing thru people the last few days.  It is like spirit has quadrant off peoples energy fields.  (not everyone tho) I see past right first (your spiritual path to here) then past left (your physical walk to here) and then present to very near future left (where you are at and how it is coming together for you) and then the present to near future right (spiritual flow forward).  The center point (October) is intense with potentials that are being activated (even if it is shared in the vaguest of ways.... smile). ... (To read the full sharing click here)


The Throat Chakra:  Relates to your self expression, which is so much more than what you say and how you say it.  It is how your present yourself in this world.  We look to see what new (if any) energy is coming into this area, what it requires of you (for use) and if there are any blocks (most people are super blocked in this area) how to release the blocks.  I do as much energy work/clearing as possible while there (well, everywhere in your body really).

The High Heart:  This is your passion center.  By passion I mean that energy that has you flying out of bed in the morning so excited to be in your day.  It is also what your soul has come into life to do and be and share.  I see this chakra more like a concentrated cylinder type energy as opposed to a free flowing funnel of energy.

The Base Heart: This is your emotional communication center, designed to be the true space of where we/you live our lives from.  Your soul energy should live and breath thru this center.  We take a look at your relationships with others as well as yourself.  See what needs to be released, replaced or enhanced.

The Solar Plexus: This is where your soul communication comes into your body at.  It also lets us know if you are getting ready to experience "the winds of change" which relate to soul contracts and agendas with others and self.

The Sacral-Plexus:  Not visible on everyone, but when it is, I find it exciting!  It has been emerging on people over the last several years (that I could see anywayz) and is in relationship to having turned your focus from the mundane aspect of life (survival, self-centered) to the spiritual service to others aspect. 

Sacral Chakra:  In this field of energy it shows us how you see yourself in relationship to the world around you. 

Root Chakra:  Your connection to physical life itself.

This is an all encompassing reading, very detailed about what you need to know in your present moment so you can move forward with greater ease and understanding of where your soul needs you to go (as opposed to where your ego may be trying to take you).

You are more than welcome to add comments about anything coming thru and even ask questions if greater clarity is needed.  The only thing I ask, is hang onto questions that may be not coming thru until the end.  I always make sure if you have any questions, they get the time to be asked. 

This reading is at the least an hour, sometimes longer depending on the detail coming out and the interaction happening between us.  I never ever charge extra for more time. 

If you have any questions about this reading, please feel free to email me at lisagawlas@gmail.com .  This is a prepaid appointment, so please pay for your reading prior to the start of it.  Feel free to book online, I receive the appointment notification immediately via my phone. 

I so look forward to being in service to you and your spiritual team!!!

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