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Understanding Pain, Illness and Dysfunction Within the Body
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Our physical bodies are the most amazing things in all the universe.  They are designed impeccably.  When we, the human, are not drowning in our own fears and unworthiness/self esteem issues, the body is designed to last for centuries not simply decades.

The body runs wholly off a two fold energy system or electrical current.  I refer to these two energy mixes as Spiritual Energy and Earth Energy.  The Spiritual Energy comes in from the crown area (top of the head) and moves all the way down the body and out the feet.  This is a high vibrating energy / electrical current and has a sort of magnetism within it, designed to pick up our daily stress and worries and move it all out of the feet and into the earth to be transmuted into positive, healthy energy.  All while keeping the body in top peak vibrating form.

The earth energy is nourishing beyond imagination.  It flows upwards thru the body from the feet and out the crown as it  hydrates and nourishes the body.  Nothing should ever be removed from the physical body without something put back in to replace it.  One day, our surgeons will come to realize this importance, at least, that is my hope.

I refer to this movement of energy within the body as your "inner ocean".  I can literally see this energy within you move thru what I call your core energy channel.  This is the first thing I look at when we are in a session together.  I start at the crown, and from my inner vision you can look at it like a big funnel coming into the crown filling the entire cranium area and and moves downward thru the body in like an ethereal tube about the size of a quarter starting at the base of the brain (where the cervical meets brainstem). 

There are two intersecting points that move this energy out the limbs.  One place is at the heart center which connects this "tube" just under your shoulders and down each arm, releasing energy (and taking more in) from the center of your palms.  The next intersection is just above your tailbone where it creates a sort of Y and moves down each leg and out the center of the arches in each foot. 

This energy is picked up by both your cranial and spinal fluids and moves thru every cell of the body.  I refer to this motion of energy as your inner ocean.

When someone is in a constant state of "worry" this affects the energy that flows thru you.  Anyone who has been on my massage table knows the first thing I do after opening the crown chakra is poke around at the brains to see what may be on their mind.  So many people are busy just thinking... thinking about nothing that really matters, yet all those non-stop thoughts are creating what I can only refer to as a massive static charge within the brain.  Did you know that stress/worry burns energy and uses up vital nutrients such as Vitamin C, and minerals such as zinc and magnesium?  So what is really happening is you are taking this
wonderful energetic elixir for the body and fizzing it up so that it looses its high vibration, lessening its ability to do its job, which is keeping the body in a state of high vibration (absolute health) not to mention stealing vital nutrients from your bodies functioning.

A lot of people will simply cry (at least women do, men, bless your hearts, you need to allow yourself to cry more often) when I open up their crown energy and start to talk to them about what they are harboring in their mind.  This is actually a great thing, those tears, that energy of emotion needs to come out and not be all bottled up inside of you.  I celebrate your tears and will hug you thru it. 

Now couple that with what we do with our core energy!  So many people have words so stuck up in their throat that it is hard for me to pass thru this center.  All those things you wanted to say, but never did, have got to go somewhere.  They get stuck in your throat!  This creates blocks of energy from being able to pass thru the head down into the body.  Can we say tension headaches and migraines or worse, throat cancer! 

The body has one way to communicate with you and that is thru pain.  The more we ignore the pain, and mask it over with a pill, the louder the body must get to get your attention, but usually, we try and get another pill.  our entire health system keeps you sick and decaying this way.  Good for their business, bad for your longevity and true health of life.

When your block is so solid that I cannot move thru it, we have to do some fancy footwork.  I have seen many a "light shunt" put into throats to allow the flow of energy to move thru the body.  I always tell the person on my table, you can either continue to work with this shunt, or do what you have always done, and it will disappear without a trace.  Your health is always your responsibility.  All-ways.  You can either choose to change, and your body will tell me what needs to change, or do what you always have done.

Once I am able to get past the throat area, the next stop along your channel is your heart.  There is no wonder why heart disease is rampant in this country.    The emotional issues we are not dealing with are massive!   There are times I connect to the heart and just cry myself.  I do feel what you feel every step of the way, even if you are in denial of what you are feeling.  It is simply amazing how we have blocked out even our deepest sadness so we can live each day.  You can't fool your body tho.  All that denial is building up inside of you.  Every ache of the heart that you do not deal with, is stills stored in the heart as non moving energy. 

Your heart depends on the movement of electricity of your body to function, the more you clog the flow of the electrical currents (that spiritual and earth energy) the more it has to get your attention, first maybe by high blood pressure, then maybe mild heart issues leading eventually to a full blown heart attack.

Now imagine your body, we are only talking about 3 areas here, and this is where most peoples biggest blocks are.  How can the rest of your body function at its highest capacity when you can't even breath any longer.  Can we say asthma, emphysema, apnea....

There is one other major place I want to address in this article and that is the sacral chakra, our sense of self within the world around us.  Viagra has replaced our need to deal with ourselves. 

This area as well as the root chakra (from the hips all the way down to the ground) is the slowest vibrating aspect of our bodies.  What happens when we get aroused is the higher vibrations of the body (that heart center) is mixing itself up in our lower body, as it is designed to do.  However, when we are so blocked, the body cannot receive the higher vibrations creating impotence within our body.  Libido's go dormant and the human goes looking for a quick fix (at least our men do, that sex thing is a huge identifier with many men, but that is a whole other issue to be looked at)

You get that energy moving, deal with your "stuff" and your body will always be able to rise to the occasion! 

Lets take a walk thru your body together.... book a Hands of Light session today!!

Keep in mind, there is NO SUCH THING AS INCURABLE!  Do not ever, ever, ever, allow anyone to take away your power, your ability to be in full health by planting that lie within you.  Everything is reversible - EVERYTHING!!

May health and joy be your normal state of living!
Lisa Gawlas
Medical Intuitive and Healing Facilitator