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Learning to Read the Field of Life and Light.
with Lisa Gawlas
25-30 hours of MP4 pre-recorded class time to do at your liesure.

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One of the most frequent questions I get is how did I learn to read the way I do.  A LOT of practice.  I also realized, a lot of diversity in the practice of "reading."

So I have shared what I learned over the last 11 years and put it into a (close to) 30 hour class and recorded it all into MP4 format.  The one thing this class does not cover at all is meditation, which I consider the foundation of all connections (to your Self before all others.) 

In this course, I am going to teach you all the techniques spirit taught to me, in the exact order I learned how to read.  There are 5 different, progressive techniques to connecting with others, which equally allows you to open to become more sensitive to all things.

Also, during the actually class, one of the reading approaches took two weeks, so the syllabus below is slightly off but all aspects of reading was shared and learned.  Each week contains a group discussion of the students experiences and the questions that arose from doing their homework.  Teaching me many things I never thought to ask. 

We met twice a week, the first class of the week was the instruction of how to read, then on the spot practicing to allow for questions that came up thru the experience.  We then met once again several days later, with more practice came more questions, experiences, frustrations and excitements.  We ran the gammot!!  I have learned as much from this wonderful group of people as I pray they learned from me. 

The first 8 files of class are recordings only (no video) the last two recordings include video.  There are two files that are course materials.  One is the layout of the foot as I learned to read it, changing reflexology into the energy system of communication as well as the entire body layout and what each aspect of the body means (symbolically speaking) in a reading.

This particular class that I recorded had 15 attendee's in it who brought so many diverse questions, experienced wonderful frustrations in their attempts at some of the connections (which I feel is an invaluable learning tool) as well as incredible wisdom thru their own experiences.

Each class was supposed to be 2 hours long, just about every session we ran 2.5 - 3 hours in length twice a week.  We would meet mid-week to go over the participants experiences with their exercises and discuss at length their experiences, frustrations, questions and even, new ways to do what was being shared.

Week One:
Learning to read from the soul energy of a person.  I will show you how to circulate the higher frequencies of communication of a person thru them and into you and start to train yourself how to hear/see/understand the subtle energy as it is presented to you from the higher fields of communication of another.
Week Two and Three:
Learning to read thru just a first name (what I call an "email reading.")  Altho thru class, each person was assigned someone they didn't know at all, to connect to thru email, you are going to have to find your own "blind" connections.  Ask friends and family to find someone you don't know to read for.  For me personally, this was the most amazing experience of my entire journey.  To take just a first name, without any other information about that person (where they lived, who they are, what they sought to know about themselves) and go into meditation to connect with their soul and share intimate details back to them, showed me, in unmistakable ways, we are not only all connected, but very aware of our connections thru the energy and wisdom of the soul.  This is also, the most difficult way to read another person.  But, as my own team constantly tells me as part of my own experiences: Learn the hard way first, everything after that is easy!!  True!!

Week Four:
Understanding how energy moves thru the physical body and how it gets stored within the physical body, what I call a "Crown Reading."  You have a built in Light facilitator in your hands and fingers and will learn how to use this part of yourself with purpose.   You will also learn how to work with the crown energy and learn to read the brain waves of the person you are working with.  The 2nd class in this week will focus on feeling and expanding the core energy of a person.  Very much like using the energy system from the palm of your hand like an antenna to pick of the communication thru the core of each person at each major chakra center within the body.

My team never taught me to read the external chakra system, only the core within the body.  When I finally asked why, their humorous reply was: If someone has a knock in the engine of their car, you do not take that car in to get the tires changed and expect the knock to be released,  Our body is the same way.  Clear, align and understand what is running in the core, the exterior automatically follows suit.

Week Five:
Working the whole body from the bottom of the feet.  A tremendous amount of information is held in the bottom of each foot.  You will learn how to read these energies as well as learn how to do energy healing/facilitating from the bottom of the feet and target the energy centers of the whole body.

All of the MP4 files are part of my dropbox storage folders and are completely downloadable to all computers.  The format is thru WebEx Seminar systems.  These classes are completely unedited (due to my own challenges) and most have a 10 minute start of not much (waiting for class to start.)  As I said earlier, the first 8 files are audio only (again, my ongoing technical challenges of getting the video into the conversion of MP4 from its original format.  The lack of video does not take anything away from the class itself, you simply cannot see the face of who is talking. 

Due to the super large file size of each class session, the entirety of this class is held in a private folder on my Dropbox account.  With a donation of $25 or more, I will immediately send you a link to the folder on Dropbox for download. 

In order to access the 10 MP4 files available on my dropbox folder, you do have to have a dropbox account, which is free to get and nothing more is required.  Enjoy!