The Soul Gym

Daily workouts online via Skype  
Introducing: THE SOUL GYM ~ A Vertual Workout for Body and Soul
My Mission: To help all those who wish to explore, to understand, to embrace and to fully utilize the power and wonder of their Spiritual Self within the human framework of life.

The Soul Center and Novel Fitness have joined together to bring you:
The Soul Gym
A daily workout for body and soul!
A membership based program to move body and soul! Starting October 1st via Skype
Want to do a class or seminar for our members, contact Lisa Gawlas at:
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This is the skeleton of potenial.
I am seeking others to help build this sacred space.  What is needed:
Website Developer(s)
Business Manager

More than I am probably thinking of right now.  If you can and want to help in anyway, please contact me.  Please understand we are putting our energy and skills together first, once launched, is when everyone will be paid for there skill-set.  There are currently 3 of us building the foundation.
Contact me (Lisa) at

Attend as many or as few classes and events as your heart desires!!
(An online monthly calendar of events will be posted by the 15th of every month for the coming month)
Membership is for both in person as well as online via Skype and includes:

For the Physical Body Stephanie Erna will be offering Pilates Classes twice a week (yes via the Internet too) as well as one-on-one Personal Fitness Session. To read more about Stephanie click here (link to come).

All classes, events and workshops given by Lisa Gawlas to include but not limited to:

Meditation Class held 6 days a week
Followed by core and chakra strengthening meditation(s)
Meditation is so much more than getting still and going within.  It is becoming co-creative with your spiritual team and your soul.  We will learn techniques to take you in the vast and rich environment within yourself.

Healing Class held several times a week
Healing is not only about finding out where your core issues are, but equally knowing how to transmute your wounds into joyful places and creating the permanent energy of joy where pain once was.

Personal Empowerment Sessions
(more details to come)

Group Hypnosis Sessions
To include (but not limited to) Past Life Regression, Discover Your True Identity, Meet Your Guides and Angels and so much more!

The Crystal Journey
The greatest friends we have in non-human bodies are crystals.  We will learn how to work with various crystals, journey with them and unlock their secrets.

Energy Classes
There is not a soul on this earth is who is not made of energy,  If you are made of energy, you can connect with energy, communicate with understanding with any and all energy on earth and way beyond earth.  This class will be progressive, meaning you must attend the first class thru the last (TBA) and will be offered several times thru the year.

Energy Shares
It is easy in these times to simply feel like you need to run on borrowed energy.  We will share energy with each other every day, and various people/groups/communities as well. 

All Members will receive
Free periodical ezine: The Soul Gym
20% off a Hands of Light and Sound Therapy Session (Click here for details) with Lisa
20% off a 1 Hour Phone Reading with Lisa (Click here for details)
10% off ANY massage
10% off of Personal Training Packages with Stephanie
10% off ALL retail