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Fentress, Texas             
with Soul Centered Therapy to help Illuminate Your Light Within
Our Mission: To help all those who wish to explore, to understand, to embrace and to fully utilize the power and wonder of their Spiritual Self within the human framework of life.
and keeping in the vibration of change, you can have the entire (downloadable) kitchen sink for only $55   I will email you all the links to download. 

I have published two books. The first one is "Understanding and Connecting with Your Spiritual Self." It was written to be a handbook for my (then) spiritual development course.  Meditation exercises included.

The second one is more a memoir of my spiritual journey for the few couple of years called:  "When it All Falls Apart... Again!!"  Meditation exercises included there too!!

For further details on these two books, click here please.  Please note that they are eBooks.  I have long ago ran out of the hardcopy of the first one.  The second never became physically published, just epublished.


All four MP3 recordings of the Super Powers Course are held in my dropbox account and downloadable on any device able to play an MP3 sound file.  I will email you the link to the storage area as soon as I receive payment, or as soon as I can.

Please do not do all sessions at once or even during the same week.  There is a huge assimilation and expansion taking place with each phase of this enormous course.  I would strongly suggest allowing at least a week, if not longer between listening to the first one to the second, to the third and so on.

Also, you want to practice each section of each one often.  You do not have to relisten to the whole audio to go back to any part of it, do it thru meditation to access more information and align more of the energies.

Here is an brief overview of each hypnosis recording:

Session 1:  Connecting to the heart of Gaia and embodying her energy.  Attuning to your magnetic flow.  Accessing the first part of your super powers.  Deprogramming the mind to see the energy that matter is made of of.

Session 2: Connecting and embodying your Source energy.  Seeing the field of mater as it really is and how to restore harmony at any time within your field.  Accessing another part of your super powers.  Reharminizing discordant energy at Will.  Seeing and Navigating wormholes.

Session 3:  Really understand and experiencing how the world of energy raises and falls within you, how to maintain the rise.  Creating a new, enhance bubble of creation/sphere of energy around you, fully infused, your gyroscope energy.  How to create from this dynamic for yourself and for others.

Session 4:  Your wheel of life, the center of your origin.  Recognizing and using stargates.  Reuniting with your galactic family and bringing the wisdom and knowing's forward to this day.... and so much more!!

Once you do the whole session, you can keep going back via meditation to particular sections to enhance that area so that it is a living part of your day to day life.  Be sure to ask questions thru the whole journey.  ASSUME NOTHING.  Please do not bring what you think you know about anything into these profound and life changing experiences.  It rarely means what you have been told!!


Hypnosis with the Guardians. The Guardians referred to here are the Guardians of Shambhala.  Forgive me for forgetting the complete experience each percise session includes.  I transmitted the hypnosis events the morning the group was together.

Please do the hynpo-events in order.  Allowing 3 full days before you move to the next one.  You may continue to listen and integrate the one you are working on each day.

1. The Planting    2. Thru the Eye of Horus   3. As Above ~ So Below:  Welcome Home!


Meditation 5 Week Class. This was a class of 20+ people learning meditation at various stages (of their abilities.)  My focus was on over coming any challenge they may have encountered thru their own experiences or the exercises in each weeks class sessions.  I may not understand planet earth, but meditation is my personal forte.  Not teaching my way, but the best way for you.  Altho, I do lean in on what I call co-creative meditation, because if you are going to get there, then why not be as creative and interactive in meditation as you are in your own personal life. 

The first class focuses on your innate ability to see and hear spirit and other dimensions.  Not only while in meditation, but at will.  There is no such thing as a deaf or blind soul!!


Learning to Read the Field. In this course, I am going to teach you all the techniques spirit taught to me, in the exact order I learned how to read.  There are 5 different, progressive techniques to connecting with others, which equally allows you to open to become more sensitive to all things.

Click here for full details of what to expect in this recorded 5 week course.

SPECIAL  NOTE: When you listen to any of the hypnosis audio's, please listen with the volume turned to just above audible.  It is ok and natural that you move in and our of consciousness as you listen to each event.  You are being fully embedded from the subconscious out into the conscious application of your life. 

You do want to continue to do these events until you can be fully present, fully conscious thru the entire session.  If you find you can hold your consciousness thru one easily but not the other(s) move do doing the others only as you are holding full conscious vibration of the one you mastered.

You may even want to play one as you drift off to sleep, embedding your whole Being with the light codes and activations set forth in each recording.

Note From Lisa:

The Shift of the Ages... Celebrating and Focusing on Change!

Can you feel the shift into massive change within yourself??  No matter how chaotic it may still appear to be out the proverbial window into the grander scale of life, there is so much Light flowing upon this planet Because YOU are here and choose to remove yourself (as much as one can) from the chaos and focused within, focused on the Love you naturally are.

With this higher frequency of Light comes the higher functions, spiritual abilities of those who have cleared the cellular body of the pain and trauma's of the past.  You really are new vessel, the new human.  Spirit alive in body like never before. 

With every great shift, every new avalanche of Light, the higher frequencies, should emerge our own inner determination to enhance our innate abilities and go beyond what we ever dreamed possible.

2017 comes with a whirlwind of changes and choice points.  We barely get our feet steady on one choice point, another appears and then another.  My advise to you, push on every doorway that shows up.  Say no to nothing and allow so much unexpected wonder reveal itself to you, even if one of the doors you pushed on did not really go anywhere, it did lead to the next amazing door.

My doorways lead to Fentress, Texas.  A place I never in a million years thought I would not only move to, but call this place a more expanded Heaven than even the Jemez (New Mexico) was.  As of April 5th, 2017, I am a Texan, more or less lol. 

This website is officially 14 years old.  I stopped adding pages many years ago, the changes and understandings are happening way to fast for me to keep up with the tediousness of this website.  I do still write and share every day thru my blog The Shift of Time and Energy.

Not only has my physical body moved into a new Home, within the next few months, this massive website (150+ pages) will be in a new home as well.  Much more functional and a lot less cluttered.  I hired a professional web creator and he is at work as we breathe, creating:
The Nations of Lights.  The url will change to: 

A lot is changing and while we all go thru change, let me offer you a special of pretty much everything I have ever offered to this point called: