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Our Mission: To help all those who wish to explore, to understand, to embrace and to fully utilize the power and wonder of their Spiritual Self within the human framework of life. 
Note From Lisa:

On August 15th, 2016 my mother was admitted into the hospital with her heart in afib and congestive heart failure.  While in the hospital, we found out she has wide spread lung cancer and is now under hospice care with me being her primary and only caregiver.  Please forgive me once again as I have no choice but to suspend all readings until my mother crosses.  I will post here, in email as well as in my blog and on facebook when we will connect again.  Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Added Note:  Mom set herself free on October 3rd, 2016 at 2pm EDT.

The Shift of the Ages... Celebrating and Focusing on Change!

Can you feel the shift into massive change within yourself??  No matter how chaotic it may still appear to be out the proverbial window into the grander scale of life, there is so much Light flowing upon this planet Because YOU are here and choose to remove yourself (as much as one can) from the chaos and focus within, focus on the Love you naturally are.

With this higher frequency of Light comes the higher functions, spiritual abilities of those who have cleared the cellular body of the pain and trauma's of the past.  You really are new vessel, the new human.  Spirit alive in body like never before.  

With every great shift, every new avalanche of Light, the higher frequencies, should emerge our own inner determination to enhance our innate abilities and go beyond what we ever dreamed possible.

For many months now, especially as we moved from March to April 2015, thru the field of readings and ET connections, I have seen the extraordinary potential of what we are capable of, things that was once only science fiction.  But like everything, it is going to take practice to create the potential emerging as a natural way of life.  WE are the Dream Team of incarnates.  

With spirits focus being on our new skill sets, unique to you, but equally one part of a whole system I am offering a prerecorded hypnosis package (A set of 4) called:

Discovering and Developing Your New Super Powers.

A series of 4 hypnosis MP3 Downloads only $55

All four MP3 recordings of the Super Powers Course are held in my dropbox account and downloadable on any device able to play an MP3 sound file.  I will email you the link to the storage area as soon as I receive payment, or as soon as I can.

Please do not do all sessions at once or even during the same week.  There is a huge assimilation and expansion taking place with each phase of this enormous course.  I would strongly suggest allowing at least a week, if not longer between listning to the first one to the second, to the third and so on.

Also, you want to practice each section of each one often.  You do not have to relisten to the whole audio to go back to any part of it, do it thru meditation to access more information and align more of the energies.

Here is an brief overview of each hypnosis recording:

Session 1:  Connecting to the heart of Gaia and embodying her energy.  Attuning to your magnetic flow.  Accessing the first part of your super powers.  Deprogramming the mind to see the energy that matter is made of of.

Session 2: Connecting and embodying your Source energy.  Seeing the field of mater as it really is and how to restore harmony at any time within your field.  Accessing another part of your super powers.  Reharminizing discordant energy at Will.  Seeing and Navigating wormholes.

Session 3:  Really understand and experiencing how the world of energy raises and falls within you, how to maintain the rise.  Creating a new, enhance bubble of creation/sphere of energy around you, fully enfused, your gyroscope energy.  How to create from this dynamic for yourself and for others.

Session 4:  Your wheel of life, the center of your orgins.  Recognizing and using stargates.  Reuniting with your galactic family and bringing the wisdom and knowings forward to this day.... and so much more!!

Once you do the whole session, you can keep going back via meditation to particular sections to enhance that area so that it is a living part of your day to day life.  Be sure to ask questions thru the whole journey.  ASSUME NOTHING.  Please do not bring what you think you know about anything into these profound and life changing experiences.  It rarely means what you have been told!!


NOW OFFERING: (All sessions and packages now available thru my online booking calendar.  Click Here to get started.)